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De smaak van België

When it comes to food tasting, men turn out to be much sweeter compared to women. Quite astounding results indeed (☺). Therefore it may not come as a big surprise that the interactive campaign ‘Grote Smaaktest’ (Grand Flavour Test) won the AMMA award 2015 Best Use Of Interactive. This campaign resulted in a great PR-momentum to successfully roll out Continental Foods’ digital marketing program for its Lacroix brand.

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De grote technologietest

Are we feeling tech-savvy? Do we enjoy tech and innovation? Are we trying to escape from heavy ‘tech-stress’ because of smart devices determining our lives? Or are we all infected by FOMO, with a Fear Of Missing Out? Employer Federation VOKA teamed up with iVOX to create positive awareness on technology & innovation, and open up the debate on how consumers, investors, and entrepreneurs are experiencing technology. Over 60.000 of them excitedly joined to test themselves on these topics, and how they go and feel about innovative technology compared to some captains of the tech-industry and politicians.

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De grote geschiedenisquiz

For many, it’s been quite a while since they took their last official examination of History. Metaphorically speaking, to some, it may even feel like it took place sometime around the Middle Ages or at least just after the Industrial Revolution, although many might not remember where to put that period onto the historical timeline. Reason enough for Davidsfonds and iVOX to launch a sweet History Quiz to spice up the annual celebration “History Night”. Radio 1 announced and discussed the quiz extensively to positively echo the event “History Night”.

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